Tree of Life diffuser necklaces

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I don’t always make them, but when I do, I will post them here. 18” chain with 2-3” extender in the back. Accent bead on chain.

When the creativity takes me over and the right stone calls out to me a Tree of Life will be created.

1 - Labradorite Marquise in Copper.  Rose gold stainless steel chain. 2.25” Pendant. Protection, Shielding, Tempers Negativity

2 - Amazonite Round in Copper. Rose gold Stainless steel Chain. 1.75” Pendant. - Courage, Self Respect, Harmony

3 - Moonstone Oval in Copper. Rose gold Stainless steel chain. 2” Pendant. - Femininity, Protection, Soothing

Diffuser bead is located just above the wire wrapped pendant.  Apply a drop or two of your favorite essential oil on the bead and it will diffuse for 8-10 hours.  Once the smell dissipates, reapply the same scent or choose a different one. 

This necklace is handmade and unique.  I only have one of them.  If you have any questions or need adjustments on the item, please let me know.