Questions answered that I think you might have.  If I missed anything please reach out to me through the contact us page and I will happily assist you.


Who makes the jewelry?  - I make it all.  I have no employees.

Where do you get your stones? - I have formed relationships with different vendors over the years but typically it is from the people who do the cutting and shaping. This saves me money and I can pass the savings on to you.  The stones come from all over the world but I have vendors that are mainly US based.  

What metals do you use? - I wrap the stones in Sterling Silver, Copper and Brass.  I use stainless steel, copper and brass chains.

Is there any nickel or lead in your metals?  - Nope.  Everything is lead and nickel free.

I have very sensitive skin what can I do?  - I use high quality stainless steel in all the chains that are silver toned.  This is the same material that doctors and dentists use because it is known for being non-reactive.  The silver hooks are stainless steel or a very hard zinc alloy.  If you need/rather have sterling silver chain I can accommodate that.  Find the alternate chain option on my adjustments/sizing page. 

Who is your favorite Golden Girl?  -  Dorothy Zbornack!

What forms of payment do you accept? - I accept all the major credit cards along with PayPal, Zelle, Cash App and Apple Pay. 

What is your shipping? - The shipping time depends on the shipping method you choose.  USPS first class is anywhere from 2-5 days and Priority is 2-3.  All the methods of shipping come with tracking so you are able to keep an eye out for arrival time.

What is the handling time?  For pieces that are currently in stock I will ship out in 2-3 business days or after payment clears. Some ways of paying take longer to process then others.  PayPal is almost immediate.

*Special orders can take anywhere from a week-3 weeks depending on if I have the item you are wanting in stock or if I have to reach out to my vendors to locate a particular stone.  When a special order is placed I always keep in contact with you when I order it, shipping and arrival and when I send it your way.

I have one of your pieces and it broke.  What now? - I offer repairs. The best thing to do is use the contact us page or send me a DM through Texas Girl Treasures on Facebook and let us know what happened and attach a photo.  I will get back with you about how to send me the repair and the cost associated.

I ordered something and it was lost in the mail?  Can I get another? - First class shipping is great, inexpensive and has tracking but no insurance.  I always suggest upgrading to Priority because of the insurance included in the cost.  If something were lost in the mail I can replace it at a reduced cost, usually half price.  I don’t have 5 or 6 of every item, I just have one.  Please contact me if this happens and I can work with you directly.

How do I know I will get the piece I see in the photo and it will look exactly the same? - I strive for complete transparency. I take all my photos in my studio with a light ring on the warm light setting.  I feel this captures the most authentic nature of each piece. I don’t use heavy editing on my photos.  If you ever have a question or want to see an item from another angle, just reach out. I’m happy to help.

I want a ring but I have no idea what size my finger is. What can I do? - There are lots of sites online you can use. Try 


What I wanted is sold out an now I feel sadness.😢  What can I do?  - If what you were looking at is a bracelet or pair of earrings then reach out to me through the contact us page and I can arrange to make another one just for you.  If you were looking at a specific Labradorite or Chrysocolla stone, for example, that is the only stone like that there was.  I can try to find you something similar or wrap another stone the same way but each stone is unique.

I want to buy for several people, do you give discounts? - Absolutely!  If you purchase 10 or more items enter the code: BulkBuy at checkout and receive 15% off your entire purchase!  If you have any questions please reach out via the Contact Us tab.

I live in the area!  Where will you be? - The best way to track my whereabouts is by following me on my Facebook or Instagram page.  I’ll post what I’m currently working on and what upcoming show I’ll be attending. Www.facebook.com/texasgirltreasures   Www.instagram.com/texasgirltreasures