About us

Hi from Texas!

My name is Melinda King and I am the Owner/Designer/Jedi Knight of Texas Girl Treasures.  I live North of Dallas in the Denton area and do several shows around here throughout the year.  I have 2 great kiddos and a husband I have been married to for 18+ years. 

My Early Years -

I have always had an artistic streak that my parents noticed at an early age and encouraged as I got older.  In my younger years I never excelled in any one medium but rather, dabbled in a bit of everything, Pottery, Lithography, Weaving, Drawing, Screen Printing etc.  

I went to a small college right after high school, Oklahoma Baptist University, with the intention of going into Television broadcasting, because I really had no idea what to do.  College was just something you did after high school, so off I went.  I spent 2 years at OBU and still felt I hadn’t found my niche and started feeling like that University was no longer for me.  Then, the Columbine High School Massacre happened.  I watched the media coverage and knew I could never work in any type of broadcast journalism.  I decided then to change my major and university, so I came to North Texas to enroll at UNT and study visual arts.

Since my major was so broad, I continued to dabble in all the different art programs that my university had to offer.  Everything except for computer arts and Photoshop, I was a hands on artist.  During the time I was in school, I worked in a fine Jewelry store in the mall.  I sold engagement rings, tennis bracelets and heart cluster diamond pendants.  I met my husband at this time because he worked for the same jewelry store in a different city 10 miles away.  We dated and fell in love and he proposed. I louped my diamond after the proposal.  

I graduated with a BA in Visual Arts and a minor in Radio, Television, Film after we got married and that is really where my current jewelry journey begins.

My Jewelry Journey - 

I had an assortment of jobs after college because bills had to be paid.  I worked front office for a Dentist, a copier sales company, a closet organization company, JoAnn Fabrics as their Class Coordinator and a Photographer for Portrait Innovations Studio.  When I wasn’t working for the “man” I would set up a card table in my spare room and make bracelets and necklaces with beads you can find at Micheal’s and Hobby Lobby.

I would buy books and look online at different styles of jewelry and as my knowledge grew my pieces started to evolve.  I incorporated leather working, metal stamping and wire working.  About 8 years ago I became a regular vendor at the Denton Community Market and that is when I got serious about turning this love of creating jewelry into a business.  I wanted to do something different that would make my pieces stand out.  I didn’t want to be just another jewelry vendor.  

I was introduced to essential oils by Danette Goodyear when she had a practice in Plano, Texas.  I was pregnant with my second child and I loved using the oils on myself and my children.  I could see how they benefited us in our everyday lives.  Danette is the one who causally mentioned to me that I should look at diffuser jewelry.  

I did my research (because I love research) and saw the different diffuser options at that time which was lockets and bracelets with lava beads all around them.  I loved the idea but I was bored with the options.  I wanted unique.  I wanted it to have my signature on it.  This whole concept stretched my brain and through trial and error I came up with the style that I have today. 

You can look at a piece and tell that it is a Texas Girl Treasures creation.  All my pieces are different, but they all have the same construction that is an identifier.  I find beautiful gemstones at fantastic prices (love of research, remember) and form relationships with the artisans who shape the stones so I can cut out the middle men. I have researched the holistic qualities of the gemstones so I can share with you the meaning behind each. This way you can find one that is most beneficial to your life.  Having the gemstones with their unique personalities and using them in conjunction with beneficial essential oils is a fantastic way to get the best of both worlds.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me and how Texas Girl Treasures came to be.  You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram if you want to see what shows I am setup at and what I am currently working on.