Sapphire rings

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Beautiful colorful Sapphire rings. - Calming, Wisdom, Prosperity.

Both Sapphires and Rubies are in the same family, Conundrum.  The color spectrum for Sapphires is very wide from pinks, purples, yellow and blues.

Ring is made through a process of electroforming with pure copper.  Electroforming gives the piece an organic, non-structured appearance. The ring has been double sealed with a protectant to keep the copper from patina or darkening. 

Sapphire 1, blue emerald cut - 9.5

Sapphire 2, Purplish ombré rose cut - 8.5

Sapphire 3, Red tone rose cut  - 7.5

Sapphire 4, blue emerald cut - 5.25

If you are unsure of your ring size you can look here to help you.

This ring can’t be sized.  Please be sure of your size before ordering.