Leather Stretch Bracelets - 8” wrist size and up

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Two in one! Leather Stretch diffuser bracelets with a variety of different gemstones.

These bracelets are made with stretch cord and 5mm leather cord.  You can pull them on like a typical stretch bracelet making them easy and fun. They are durable and strong.  They make fantastic everyday bracelets and layering bracelet.  Use the leather as a diffuser by applying a drop or so on the inside of the leather so you can enjoy the scent all day. 

1 - Labradorite beads with antique blue braided leather cord - Protection, Shielding, Tempers Negativity

2 - Hawk’s Eye beads with antique black braided leather cord -Attracts wealth, Increases devotion, Build leadership

3 - Howlite beads with antique brown braided leather cord - Harmonizing, Soothing, Focus

4 - Sodalite beads with antique blue braided leather cord - Rational thought, Balances emotions, Enhances self-esteem

5 - Onyx beads with antique black braided leather cord - Protection, Intuition, Honesty

6 - Tiger’s Eye beads with antique brown and black braided leather cord - Release Anxiety, Promotes Harmony, Good Fortune

7 - Smokey Quartz beads with antique black braided leather cord - Purification, Calming Anxiety, Ordering your life

Size may vary based on small variations of bead size and the handmade nature of the item.  The typical size is 8.5”.