Leather accented Diffuser Earrings

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Top hung leather earrings or leather hoops.

Leather is a natural diffuser.  You can put a drop or two of your favorite oil on the inside of the leather piece and it will hold the scent for a long pieriod of time.

1 - Swarovski crystal charms.

2 - Lapis beads.

3 - Tiger’s Eye

4 - Dalmatian Jasper

5 - Labradoite 

This is a fantastic way to wear your favorite oil so close to your face.  The movement of the earrings can help with the dispersal of the scent.

I have several different styles of earrings that I make.  If you see a style that you like but it is sold out or you wonder if I can make it with a different gemstone, please feel free to reach out and ask me.