Quartz - Adjustable diffuser bracelet with assorted gemstones

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These bracelets are made with durable and flexible braided stainless steel wires with a smooth plastic coating.  They make fantastic everyday bracelets. 

Q1 - Strawberry Quartz and Citrine. Stainless steel bead, cubed Labradorite bead and Imperial Jasper Oval bead separate the main stones. Silver tone. Length is 7.5” to 9.” 

Q2 - Tourmalinated Quartz and Hawk’s Eye.  Freshwater Pearl and silver tone bead separate the main stones.  Silver tone.  Length is 7.5”-9”.

Q3 - Chery Quartz and Freshwater Pearl.  Crystal and rose gold coin separate the main stones.  SRose gold tone.  Length is 7.5”-9”.

Q4 - Tourmalinated Quartz and Onyx.  Stick Agate coin bead, stainless steel bead and agate dangle separate the main stones.  Silver tone.  Length is 7.5”-9”.

Q5 - Strawberry Quartz and Moonstone.  Hexagonal Sunstone separates the main stones.  Gold Tone. Length is 7.25” - 8.75”.

The diffuser bead is worked into the design of each bracelet so the location varies and the bead is very well “hidden”.  Apply a drop or two of your favorite essential oil on the bead and it will diffuse for 8-10 hours.  Once the smell dissipates, reapply the same scent or choose a different one. 

Quartz meaning: Attracts Love, Confidence, Vitality

These bracelets are adjustable so there is a 1 1/2” chain link on the end.  The hook is .75” so they are more secure to wear. Size may vary based on small variations of bead size and the handmade nature of the item.