Blue Onyx roller bottle necklaces

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Blue Onyx roller bottle necklace.  This necklace was made through the process of electroforming.  I essentially have “grown” the copper on the cap and around the stone by using chemicals and electricity. Science!    The bottle unscrews and will hold up to 2ml of your favorite essential oil or blend.  An oil key is included in purchase to help remove the roller without damaging the housing.

The bottle hangs on a 28” rose gold copper chain. Accent beads on chain.


AB13 - Top mount

AB16 - Front mount 

Diffuser bead is located on the back of the necklace so it lies on the nape of your neck.  Apply a drop or two of your favorite essential oil on the bead and it will diffuse for 8-10 hours.  Once the smell dissipates, reapply the same scent or a different one. 

Blue Onyx Meaning: Combs a chaotic mind, soothing, peace & happiness

This necklace is handmade and unique.  I only have one of them.  If you have any questions or need adjustments on the item, please let me know.