Red Onyx Pendant

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Orangey Red Onyx teardrop in Sterling Silver with copper accents. 34mm stone.

This pendant can be purchased as is or you can select a chain, leather cord or have it made into the distinct Texas Girl Treasures diffuser necklace.

  1. Sterling Silver Chain 18”
  2. Leather cord - 18” with 2”-3” extender
  3. Stainless Steel Chain - 18” with 2”-3” extender
  4. Rose gold stainless steel chain - 18” with 2”-3” extender
  5. Texas Girl Treasure style diffuser - 18” with 2”-3” extender

Red Onyx meaning: Aides in Emotional Balance, Enhances Self-Control, Brings Fortune and Joy

This Pendant is handmade and unique.  I only have one of them.  If you have any questions on the item, please let me know.