Moonstone marquis rings

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 Marquis moonstone ring.  

Rings are made through a process of electroforming with pure copper.  Electroforming gives the piece an organic, non-structured appearance. The ring has been double sealed with a protectant to keep the copper from patina or darkening. 

Sizes and variations:

5 - Fancy marquis setting with 2mm band - size 6.5

6 - Marquis 5mm wide band - size 6.5

7 - Marquis 1mm band - size 6.5

8 - Pink marquis - Size 8

9 - Football set marquis - size 8.5

Moonstone Meaning: Femininity, Protection, Soothing

Blue Chalcedony meaning: Speakers stone, Encourages reflection, Flexibility

If you are unsure of your ring size you can look here to help you.

This ring can’t be sized.  Please be sure of your size before ordering.