Lavender Freshwater pearl and leather bracelets

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Gorgeous freshwater pearl that are soft lavender/pink in color.


1- Double strand silver hook. Dark leather. 7.5”-8.25”.

2 - Double strand copper hook. Dark leather. 7.25”-8”.

3 - Single strand with silver hook. Moon charm. Brown leather. 7.25”-8”.

4 - Single strand with copper hook. Rhinestone charm. Brown leather. 7.25”-8”.

5 - Single strand with Rose gold pave bar. Dark leather. 7”-7.75”

Meaning: Symbol of Wisdom, Balance, Purity

There bracelets always are a favorite.  They are made with 1.5mm leather cord and fastened with a hook clasp and 2 sizes.  They are durable and strong.  They make fantastic everyday bracelets and layering bracelet. 

Size may vary based on small variations of bead size and the handmade nature of the item.