Crescent Moon Diffuser Earrings - Assorted Gemstones

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Stainless steel Crescent Moon charms

1 - Prehnite - Unconditional Love, Alleviates Fears, Dream Stone

2 - Blue Lace Agate -  Communication, Loyalty, Calming

3 - Apatite - Motivation, Independence, Ambition

4 - K2 Jasper - Harmonizing, True perspective, Awakening

To diffuse essential oils just put a drop of your oil of choice on the bead and roll it between your fingers to distribute on the bead. After 8-10 hours the smell will dissipate and you can choose a completely different oil to wear on your earrings next time.  Since the bead does not lay on the skin the fragrance could last longer then the typical time period. 

This is a fantastic way to wear your favorite oil so close to your face.  The movement of the earrings can help with the dispersal of the scent.